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HL 860 Exhaust Gas Analyser
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Thermal Engineering and HVAC / Heating and Ventilation in Buildings /

Power can be supplied either using a rechargeable battery, or from the mains. The unit enables, amongst other aspects, the O2, CO, CO2 and nitrogen oxides in flue gases from boilers to be measured at the same time as the flue gas and combustion air temperature are measured. Along with the display, the portable unit is equipped with a thermal printer and a PC interface.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Measurement of residual oxygen in the flue gas
- Measurement of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide
- Measurement of nitrogen oxide
- Measurement of flue gas and combustion air temperature, other



[1] Portable flue gas analyser in metal case, for heating systems

[2] Simultaneous measurement of combustion air and flue gas temperature, residual oxygen, carbon monoxide, flue gas loss, combustion efficiency, ideal draught and excess air number
[3] Rechargeable battery operation or mains operation possible

Technical Data

Measuring ranges

- residual oxygen: 0...20.9%
- carbon monoxide: 0...2000ppm
- carbon dioxide: depends on fuel
- nitrogen oxide: 0...2000ppm
- flue gas temperature: -20...800°C


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 425 x 185 x 290 mm
Weight: approx. 12 kg
Required for Operation
230V, 50Hz, 1 phasse 
Scope of Delivery

1 experimental unit in metal case

1 manual

Order Details
065.86000  HL 860  Exhaust Gas Analyser