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HL 392C Safety & Control in Heating Systems
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Thermal Engineering and HVAC / Heating and Ventilation in Buildings /

Using the trainer various safety and control devices can be investigated and evaluated. Typical industrial components are used. The measured values are transmitted directly to a PC via USB. The data acquisition software is included.

Learning Objectives / Experiments
- Function and operating behaviour of 
  * safety valve
  * quick-action ventilating valve
  * safety pressure cut-out
  * thermal discharge safety device
  * thermostatic valve
  * temperature controller 
  * air separator
  * flow switch

[1] Investigation of heating safety fittings 
[2] Demonstration of the function of safety fittings using compressed air: thermostatic valve, safety pressure cut-out, safety valve, temperature controller, thermal discharge safety device
[3] Demonstration of the function of safety fittings in a closed water circuit with circulating pump and expansion vessel: air separator, quick-action ventilating valve, safety valve, flow switch, pressure reducing valve

[4] Electrical heater for thermal safety fittings: temperature controller, thermal discharge safety device
[5] LabVIEW software for data acquisition via USB under Windows XP or Windows Vista


Technical Data

Thermal discharge safety device

- actuated at: 98°C

Temperature controller: 70...100°C

Safety pressure cut-out: 1...10bar, adjustable

Safety valve: 2.4bar

Flow switch: 7.7...13.4L/min (increasing flow rate)

Pressure reducing valve: 1.5...6bar


Heater: 800W

- power consumption: 70W

- max. flow rate: 60L/min

- max. head: 4m

Measuring ranges

- flow rate: 1...25L/min

- temperature: 0...160°C

- pressure: 2x 0...10bar


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 2000 x 750 x 1900 mm
Weight: approx. 120 kg
Required for Operation

230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Compressed air: 6bar

Water supply

Scope of Delivery

1 trainer

1 collecting tank

1 LabVIEW software CD + USB cable

1 manual

Order Details

065.392C0  HL 392C  Safety & Control in Heating Systems