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HL 313 Domestic Water Heating with Flat Collector
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Thermal Engineering and HVAC / Renewable Energies /

The HL 313 trainer can be used to demonstrate the principal aspects of solar thermal domestic water heating in a system with components used in real world applications.
  Radiant energy is converted into heat in a commercially available flat collector and transferred to a heat transfer fluid in the solar circuit. The heat then gets into the hot water circuit via a heat exchanger.
  A solar regulator controls the pumps for the hot water and solar circuits. The solar circuit is protected by an expansion tank and a safety valve.
  The trainer has been designed so that it is possible to carry out a complete preheating as part of a practical experiment.
  The temperatures in the storage tank, at the outlet from and the inlet to the collector are measured, as is the flow in the solar circuit. Additionally, as in practice, the temperatures of the inlet and return are displayed on the solar circulation station.
  In order to ensure there is sufficient illuminance, the system should be operated with solar radiation or the optionally available HL 313.01 Artificial Light Source.
  The well-structured instructional material sets out the basic principles and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.


Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Familiarisation with the functions of the flat collector

   and the solar circuit
- Determining the net power
- Relationship between flow and net power
- Determining the collector efficiency
- Relationship between temperature difference

  (collector/environment) and collector efficiency


[1] Trainer for investigating the function and operating behaviour of a flat collector
[2] Solar thermal flat collector with selectively absorbing coating
[3] Adjustable collector tilt angle
[4] Solar circulation station with pump, expansion tank and safety valve
[5] Hot water circuit with buffer tank, pump and plate heat exchanger
[6] Solar regulator with three temperature sensors
[7] Four bimetallic thermometers
[8] Operation with solar radiation or HL 313.01 Artificial Light Source


Technical Data

Solar circuit
- collector
  absorbing surface: 2,5m² 
  rated throughput: 40...150L/h  
  operating pressure: 1...3bar
- safety valve 4bar
Hot water circuit
- plate heat exchanger: 3kW, 10 plates
- buffer tank 80L

Measuring ranges
- flow: 20...150L/h
- temperature: 4x 0...120°C


Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 1660x800x2300mm
Weight: approx. 240kg 
Required for Operation
230V, 50/60Hz, 1 phase or 120V, 60Hz/CSA, 1 phase
Scope of Delivery

1 trainer

1 set of instructional material

Order Details

065.31300  HL 313  Domestic Water Heating with Flat Collector