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HL 112 Radiator Training Panel
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Thermal Engineering and HVAC / Heating and Ventilation in Buildings /

The panel contains a pipe system with four radiators. Each radiator has an air bleed, a thermostatic valve and lockshield valve.

  Rotameters indicate the flow rate through each individual radiator and for the entire system. Connections for cooling water make it possible to dissipate the heat supplied by the hot water. All water connections are made using quick-release couplings.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Hydronic balancing of radiators
- Determination of the heat emitted
- Determination of pipework characteristics for

  different operating conditions


In conjunction with other training panels in the HL 100 series, it is possible to set-up a complete heating system.

[1] Trainer on heating systems and plumbing
[2] 4 radiators with thermostatic valve, air bleed and adjustable lockshield valve
[3] 5 rotameters 
[4] 2 water connections for boiler DN 15
[5] 2 cooling water connections DN 15
[6] Water connections made using quick-release couplings
Technical Data


- plate heat exchanger with 10 plates

- capacity: 3kW


Measuring ranges

- flow rate: 1x 0...1000L/h, 4x 0...300L/h

Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 1650 x 350 x 1100 mm (panel)
Weight: approx. 60 kg (panel)
Required for Operation
Cold and hot water connection
Scope of Delivery

1 trainer

1 manual

Order Details
065.11200  HL 112  Radiator Training Panel