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HL 101 Thermal Expansion Training Panel
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Thermal Engineering and HVAC / Heating and Ventilation in Buildings /

The trainer comprises original components as used in heating and sanitation systems and is therefore relevant in practice.

  There are six expansion sections. One of the sections is fitted with a compensator. The elongation of the pipes is indicated on dial gauges. A force measuring device enables the expansion force to be determined. 

Learning Objectives / Experiments
- Thermal expansion of different materials such as 
  PVC, PE, copper and steel
- Determination of thermal expansion coefficients 
  and the expansion force
- Measurement of pipe elongation
- Effect of varying pipe diameter
- Expansion compensator

[1] Investigating the thermal expansion of different pipe sections
[2] Pipe sections can be selected by ball valves
[3] Water connections made using quick-release couplings
[4] Operation with hot and cold water supplies
[5] Adjustment of the water temperature using mixing battery with thermocouple
[6] Temperature measurement using battery-operated digital thermometer 
[7] Force measuring device to determine the expansion force


Technical Data

Pipe section length: 1000mm
Nominal diameters
- PVC, PE, Cu: DN 15
- Cu: DN 8
- Steel: 1/2"
Mixing battery connection: 1/2"
Force measuring device
- spring rate per spring: 78N/mm
- total spring rate c: 156N/mm


Measuring range

- temperature: -50...90°C


Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h: 1650 x 150 x 1100 mm (panel)
Weight: approx. 60 kg (panel)
Required for Operation
Cold and hot water connection
Scope of Delivery

1 trainer

1 manual

Order Details
065.10100  HL 101  Thermal Expansion Training  Panel