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GPT/GPI-700A Series
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The GPT/GPI-700A Series are universal Safety Testers, compliant to all major safety standards such as UL, CSA, JIS, and BS. The Interface has been elaborately designed to be user-friendly and fully automatic, ensuring safety and producing reliable test results. The advanced and versatile GPT/GPI-700A Series can be used in production lines, workshops, laboratories, and test sites. Users can select from 5 models according to their testing requirements, sucha as simple GPT-705A for AC Withstanding, the GPT-715A for AC Withstanding + DC Withstanding, the GPI-725A for AC Withstanding + Insulation Resistance, the GPI-735A for AC Withstanding + DC Withstanding + Insulation Resistance, and the GPI-745A for AC Withstanding + DC Withstanding + Insulation Resistance + Ground Bond testing. Each model has remote control, supports programming and has a plethora of options, delivering fast and reliable test results.