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GCM-302 / GCM-303
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Mini Clamp Meter -- ACA, ACV, DCV, Ohm, Diode, Buzzer.

The GCM-302 lightweight clamp meter is aimed at small- to medium-size cable measurements. Tapered jaws, slim profile, and a light 200g weight allow reaching cables in tight places. Additional features, such as Auto Ranging, Auto Power Off, Max Hold and Maximum Load, let professionals focus on the target application while the GCM-302 takes care of the background tasks.

The GCM-303 mini clamp meter, like the GCM-302 has all the features of a standard multimeter, yet also has true RMS. Featuring tapered jaws, a wide range (600A, 600V max input), high accuracy and the ability to automatically power down make the GCM-303 suitable for almost any cable measurement task. Small enough to fit in a pocket and light enough to carry, the GCM-303 is the ideal multipurpose mini clamp meter.