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ET 910.11 Refrigeration Components for Advanced Experiments
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Thermal Engineering and HVAC / Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology /

ET 910.11 enables in conjunction with ET 910, ET 910.10, ET 910.05 and the accessory set ET 910.12 the performance of advanced experiments related to refrigeration. 
  Commercial components are used in practical experiments. These components are mounted on plates ready to be connected and are arranged clearly in the frame of ET 910.05.
  The set includes complex refrigeration components, such as capacity controller, start-up controller, defrost timer, 4/2-way reversing valve and refrigeration controller. The 4/2-way reversing valve, for example, is used to reverse the circuit. This allows for the defrosting of an iced-up evaporator by operating it temporarily as condenser. Manometers provide an insight to the pressure ratios in the refrigeration circuit. 
  Via pressure and temperature measurements the changes of state of the refrigerant can be tracked and entered into the log p-h diagram. The temperature is measured by interlaboratory thermometers.
   The well-structured instructional material sets out the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- Set-up of different refrigeration circuits
- Design, operation and adjustment of components
   * evaporation pressure, start-up, capacity and

     refrigeration controllers
   * electric thermostat
   * manual valve as expansion element
   * post-injection valve
   * solenoid valve with coil
   * 4/2-way reversing valve 
   * suction line receiver
   * power and auxiliary contactor
   * time relay
   * defrost timer
   * hot gas defrosting
- Read and understand technical drawings and

  operating instructions
- Fault finding


[1] Components for the set-up of complex refrigeration circuits in conjunction with ET 910 and ET 910.10
[2] Post-injection valve 
[3] Refrigeration controller with PTC sensor
[4] Defrost timer, timing interval 30min
[5] Time relay
[6] 4/2-way reversing valve, solenoid valves
[7] Electric thermostat as temperature controller
[8] Power and auxiliary contactor


Technical Data
Rated controller capacity at t0=-10°C, tc=25°C
- evaporation pressure: 2,8kW at Δp=0,2bar
- start-up: 5,3kW at Δp=0,2bar
- capacity: 4,8 kW at offset=0,7bar
Suction line receiver: 0,3L, max. 28bar
Temperature controller: -5...35°C
Refrigeration controller: -40...110°C
Post-injection valve: -45...35°C
Time relay: response delay: 0,05s...100h
Measuring ranges
- pressure, evaporation: 0...5,5bar
- intake pressure: 0,2...6bar
- pressure, capacity controller: 0,2...6bar
Dimensions and Weight
Plate height: 297mm
Weight: approx. 25kg
Scope of Delivery
15 components on plates:
1 manual valve
1 temperature controller
1 evaporation pressure controller
1 start-up controller  
1 capacity controller
1 4/2-way reversing valve
1 post-injection valve
1 suction line receiver
1 refrigeration controller
2 solenoid valves
1 time relay
1 power contactor
1 auxiliary contactor
1 defrost timer
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