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ET 833 Steam Power Plant 1,5kW with Process Control System
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Thermal Engineering and HVAC / Power Engines and Machines /

The ET 833 steam power plant is particularly designed for training purposes in the area of power plant technology and thermal system tests. Due to the high degree of complexity the system operates very similar to real large scale plants.
  An oil-heated steam boiler and an upstream electrically heated superheater create hot steam for a single-stage industrial turbine. The turbine is loaded via a direct current generator and the generated energy is supplied back into the grid. The exhaust steam from the turbine is condensed and fed back to the boiler. All relevant parameters are recorded by sensors and displayed in the process control system (PCS). The operation of the system can be monitored completely from the PCS. The control system operates based on modern touch screen technology. The system records critical operating states in alarm lists and warning messages and the affected system components automatically go into emergency-shutdown.
  Feed water treatment with ion exchanger and metering pump for chemicals; a feed water tank and the fuel tank are integrated on the frame of the system. The result is a compact unit that just needs to be supplied with cooling water. 

  If not enough cooling water is available a closed-cycle re-cooling system can be set up together with the additionally available ET 833.01 Cooling Tower.

  The test plant is built according to the legal safety regulations and includes the mandatory safety features. The installed steam boiler is type-tested and does not require special approval within the EU. The system includes comprehensive documentation material.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

- set-up and function of a steam power plant,

  consisting of feed water treatment, steam generator,

  superheater, steam turbine, condenser and cooling

  tower (cooling tower available as accessory)
- start-up, operation and shut-down of a steam power

- modern system control via PLC

- pressure, level and temperature control circuits
- monitoring, service and maintenance tasks
- incl. determination of: input and output power,

  component and system efficiency, specific fuel

  consumption of the system


[1] laboratory-sized steam power plant
[2] oil-heated steam boiler with electrical superheater
[3] single-stage industrial steam turbine with direct current generator as turbine load
[5] water-cooled condenser
[6] feed water treatment
[7] modern, digital PCS system control with process control software for monitoring, control and data acquisition
[8] control station with complete instrumentation on modern LCD monitors, touch screen operation
[9] system equipped with sensors and actuators for monitoring and control of the system via integrated PLC and Ethernet
[10] cooling water connection 10m³/h or ET 833.01 cooling tower required


Technical Data

Steam boiler
- heat output: 110kW
- max. amount of steam: 200kg/h at 10bar
- nominal amount of steam: 120kg/h at 10bar
- max. fuel consumption: 10kg/h
- capacity: 5,1kW, 240°C
Single-stage Curtis turbine with 2C wheel and hydraulic speed control
- power output: max. 1,5kW at 3000min-1 
Water-cooled condenser
- cooling capacity: 100kW
- transfer area: 2,2m²


Dimensions and Weight
LxWxH: 3450x2000x2300mm
Weight: approx. 2.300kg
Required for Operation
400V, 50/60Hz, 3 phases or 230V, 60Hz, 3 phases
Cooling water supply: 10m³/h
Scope of Delivery
1 experimental plant
1 control station
1 set of tools
1 CD with PLC and LabVIEW software
1 manual
Order Details

061.83300  ET 833  Steam Power Plant 1,5kW with Process Control System