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CIC-910A PSoC Training Lab
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       PSoC (Programmable System on a Chip) is one of the most innovative technologies nowadays. Instead of adopting a traditional MCU  with  fixed  peripherals,  or  designing  a  circuit with discrete analog and digital components, the designer can select  a  single off-the-shelf  PSoC  on  a  complete  project  for mixed-signal applications.  Additionally, the unique features of generating the exact peripheral components, programmable inte
rconnect and reuse of on-chip resources not only lowers the cost of materials, but also reduces the design cycle and the inventory risk.


       By popular demand of the PSoC training facility in the educational market CIC-910A  is designed to meet enormous needs. The introduced CIC-910A Training Course focuses on digital/analog system integration specification in order to bridge the gap between these design worlds and to provide a step ineducating system architects for realizing mixed-signal SoCs. The training lab helps users to understand PSoC operating theory and PSoC application design flow. With various I/O peripherals and versatile experiments, users are able to learn PSoC programming and hardware implementation in a
very efficient way.