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CE 310 Chemical Reactors Trainer
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The properties of different chemical reactors can be investigated by performing a saponification reaction using this trainer. The contact time and reaction temperature can be varied. Their influence on the conversion of reactants is observed in the respective reactor. The reactors are available as accessories. The unit contains two supply tanks for the liquid chemicals. Two variable speed diaphragm pumps pump the reactants through the reactor. Reactant conversion and reaction temperature are measured with a combined conductivity and temperature measuring unit. It is also possible to use PC data acquisition. The reaction is moderated using a controlled hot water circuit. The resulting reaction product is collected in a stainless steel tray in the unit.

Learning Objectives / Experiments

In conjunction with the various types of reactors available as accessories in the CE 310 series, comprehensive experiments on the reaction kinetics and on the conversion of reactants during a saponification reaction can be performed. Specifically, the following experiments can be performed:
- Variation of contact time of the two chemicals
- Variation of reaction temperature
- Adiabatic reaction in a batch reactor
- Isothermal reaction in a batch reactor

[1] Benchtop unit to study the kinetics of reaction kinetics of various types of chemical reactors based on saponification
[2] Chemicals pumped using 2 industrial diaphragm pumps
[3] Reaction of 2.3% sodium hydroxide with ethyl acetate
[4] High precision combined measuring unit for conductivity 0...200mS and reaction temperature 0...100°C
[5] Hot water circuit with centrifugal pump for moderating the reaction
[6] Electrical heater, 2kW
[7] Electronic two-point controller
[8] Self-sealing quick action hose couplings
Technical Data
Diaphragm pump, adjustment range: 0...100%, pump flow rate max. 600ml/min
Conductivity measuring range: 0...200mS
Temperature measuring range: 0...100°C
Heater: 2kW, electron. two-point controller
Centrifugal pump
Chemicals used: 
Ethyl acetate 5%, sodium hydroxide 2.3%
Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 1300 x 680 x 630 mm
Weight : approx. 90 kg
Required for Operation
230V, ~50Hz
Scope of Delivery
1 demonstration unit, complete
1 instruction manual

Supplied without reactors and without 
data acquisition software
Order Details
083.31000 CE 310 Chemical Reactors Trainer