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CE 310.04 Batch Reactor
Education / GUNT Hamburg / Process Engineering / Chemical Process Engineering /
A saponification reaction between ethyl acetate and sodium hydroxide can be investigated under adiabatic or isothermal conditions with this Dewar vessel, operated as a batch reactor. The unit is used as an accessory for the CE 310 Chemical Reactors Trainer. An electric motor driven stirrer ensures the optimal mixing of reactants. Using the stainless steel heat exchanger coil it is possible to isothermally moderate the exothermic reaction. The connection to the cooling water circuit is made using self-sealing quick-action couplings.
Learning Objectives / Experiments
· Saponification of ethyl acetate with sodium hydroxide
- Adiabatic reaction
- Isothermal reaction
[1] Batch reactor for isothermal or adiabatic reaction as an accessory for CE 310 Chemical Reactors Trainer 
[2] Tank designed as a Dewar vessel, additional foam insulation for the lid
[3] Reactor capacity approx. 0.95ltr
[4] Electrical motor stirrer 0...300rpm
[5] Heat exchanger coil made of stainless steel
[6] Quick-action hose couplings
Technical Data
Reactor volume: 0.95ltr
Stirrer speed: 0...300rpm, continuously adjustable
Dimensions and Weight
l x w x h : 470 x 225 x 290 mm
Weight : approx. 8 kg
Scope of Delivery
1 batch reactor, complete
Order Details
083.31004 CE 310.04 Batch Reactor