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Enables some points of the small object to measure with high-speed, and surface
vibration measurements to display, judge, and to animationize.

AT7500 is a surface vibration system which can measure some points of the small object with high-speed, and which can display, judge, and animationize the measurements by using Laser Doppler Vibrometer. Concerning vibration answering frequency, AT7500 can measure it from DC to 1MHz. Also AT7500 can measure vibration quantity for the optional applied vibration signals (speed signals and displacement signals), and judge GO/NG for the rated value.

By using scanning function of laser beam with two axises galvano mirror, AT7500 can measure +/-20mm XY surface.
Moreover, combining scanning function with electric stage (optional) will expand XY surface to +/-45mm.


Measurement area
AT7500 can measure XY surface to Max. +/-45mm to use
laser beam scan in combination with electric XY stage
(optional) by two axis galvano mirror.
Measurement point
Max. 10,000 points can be measured.
Vibration quantity measurement function
AT7500 can measure vibration quantity of object by set
sampling frequency, and judge GO/NO for the rated value.
Data storage
Measurement conditions and measurement data can be
saved into CSV file format or M scope file format.


Animation function

  • Animation on the four screens or the single screen.
  • Surface color display
  • Rotation on the screen
  • Interactive animation using line, peak and hand cursor from the area of time/frequency
  • Shape animation from the shape table
  • Comparison animation of two shape data


Contents of analysis


Example of use

  • Vibration distribution for hard disk
  • Vibration distribution for optical pick up
  • Vibration distribution for mobile phone


Items AT7500
Scan range 40mm x 40mm
Number of measurement points 10,000 points (Max)
Measurement speed range 20m/s 3m/s
The number of input channels 2ch
Measurement function Speed measurement, displacement measurement (optional), acceleration measurement (optional)
frequency range
Speed measurement AT3600: DC200kHz
AT3700: DC1MHz
Displacement measurement 0.5Hz200kHz (Option)
Acceleration measurement 2Hz200kHz (Option)
Measurement data length 25,600 data/point (max)
Minimum beam diameter Minimum 20m
Return position accuracy Within +/- 5m (at the position of minimum beam diameter)
Sampling frequency 500Hz to 10MHz (Enables to set by 1, 2, and 5 steps)
A/D resolution 12 bits
Judge function Level, frequency level
Measurement speed Max 30 points/sec. (It varies with depending on measurement conditions.)
Rated power supply AC100V AC at 50Hz/60Hz*1


Figure of Measuring Range