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The AT500, a laser vibration meter, enables non-contact sensing by the optical heterodyne method. It integrates a sensor unit with a built-in laser tube and a demodulator, so it has a wide range of uses in manufacturing, investigations, research, and development.

Two models to meet various requirements

  • AT500-05

For case vibration, Motor vibration

  • AT500-20

For optical pickup, Actuator 

  • Ease of installation

The AT500 can be easily installed. A laser beam can be
focused on the measuring spot simply by installing the
AT500 horizontally. Necessary operations and displays are
located on the front, which provides user-friendly operation.

  • Highly accurate vibration measurement for soft or light objects

Non-contact vibration measurement achieves high accuracy
without affecting the vibration of the object

  • Vibration measurement for small structures

As the diameter of a laser beam spot is very small (approx.
20m when measured at close range), the vibration of very
small structures can be measured.

  • Easy positioning of focus and reflected light

The dedicated, highly sensitive lens enables comparatively
easy sensing, even for a material that dose not reflect a
laser beam well. Moreover, the built-in auto-focus function
automatically selects the optimum focal point.

  • Scalable functions

As the AT500 has a single range demodulating function,
measurement is enabled simply by connecting it to the
output terminal. Connecting to AT3700 or AT3600
demodulation unit, which can be purchased separately,
enables a wider range of measurement.