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2020 Hand Held Wide Range Calibrator
Instrumentation / Transmille / Portable & Bench /

The 2020 sets new standards in both range and accuracy from a hand held calibrators combining the advantages of digital accuracy with the precision and ease of use of analogue controls. The large high accuracy 4200 count display allows precise setting of output voltages from 100uV to 40V in 6 ranges and current from 100nA to 40mA in 6 ranges. An indicator is provided to warn the user of incorrect connection or overload conditions.

For 4 to 20mA transducer applications the 2020 is ideal offering zero to 22mA in one range and can act as either a current source (for calibrating indicators) or a current load (simulating a transducer). An adjustable set point can be used for either a 4mA zero or another frequently used value.

For thermocouple simulation a high accuracy external adaptor* is available allowing simulation of types J & K up to 750°C with 0.1°C resolution, with automatic cold junction compensation. Temperature mode selection is indicated automatically by an LED when the adaptor is connected.

Built in a rugged ABS case and powered by two 9V batteries or a mains adaptor allows the 2020 to be used anywhere a precision voltage or current is needed.

Calibration Certificates traceable to UK National Standards or UKAS are available.