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2016 in Track Curr Meas Adapter
Instrumentation / Transmille / Portable & Bench /

A unique product that measures the current in PCB tracks, connectors, switches, fuses, cables, etc.  without breaking the circuit. An invaluable aid which can save hours, or even avoid destroying a good board when trying to find those elusive power supply shorts. Works by using voltage drop and circuit resistance to measure the current. Applications in fault finding, service, design testing etc.

Range: 0 to 200mA.

Accuracy: Typically 1mA depending on connection quality, circuit resistance and DMM used.

Output to DMM: 200mA @ up to 0.5V maximum drive voltage

Battery: 2 x AA Alkaline, LED battery level indicator

Probe Connections: - 4 x 4mm sockets.

Protection: Withstands accidental connection to voltages up to 30 Volts

Output Connections:  Flying leads with 4mm plugs

Probes: Special Kelvin probes, sprung probes with replaceable points