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2014 Loop Power DMM Adaptor
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Ever  wanted to check a loop transducer but did not have a loop power supply? Ever wished you could read the output in percent? 

Meter-mate solves it all in one ingenious little box ! Simply connect the transducer to Meter-mate and directly read the transducers output on any standard DMM. You’ll wonder how you got by without it!

mA output range:  0 to 25 mA direct reading of loop current.

mV output range: -25mV to 100mV for 0 to 20mA loop current. (100mV = 100%)

Accuracy: Loop Current 20uA, mV Output 0.2mV. Resolution dependent on DMM.

Loop Supply:  24 Volts internally generated. Short circuit protected.

Protection: 100mA polyfuse protects against accidental applied voltage up to 30V.

Battery: 9Volt Alkaline type PP3 must be used. Use at high loop currents will reduce battery life.

Indicators: Battery Level

Transducer Connections: - 2 x 4mm sockets. Output Connections:  Flying leads with 4mm plugs.

Dimensions: 130mm x 70mm x 25mm