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2010 Hi Ohm Adapter
Instrumentation / Transmille / Portable & Bench /

A novel British built and designed quality product to enable the engineer to do more with less. Why buy a separate insulation meter when you can use this adaptor with your standard DMM and save money. Application include insulation testing, PCB and capacitor leakage measurements, Transformer and coil isolation, High value resistance measurements etc.



Range:  100kohms to 2G ohms converted to 100uV to 2Volts

Accuracy: 3%, Resolution dependent on DMM.

Output: 1 volt per G ohm up to 2 volts.

Battery: 9Volt type PP3

Indicators: Battery level & over-range

Protection: Withstands accidental connection to voltages up to 30 Volts

Connections: - Input 2 x 4mm sockets. Output- flying leads with 4mm plugs