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This catalogue deals with energy conversion. The Fundamentals of Thermodynamics section deals with the introductory definitions of thermodynamics, principles of heat transfer and evaporation and condensation. The Applied Thermodynamics section looks at various types of heat exchangers and the area of solar energy / photovoltaics. Gas turbines, compressors and steam plants are covered under Power Engines and Machines. The Internal Combustion Engines section deals with various petrol, diesel and two-stroke engine types. The largest section in the catalogue, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning contains equipment for the following topics: basic refrigeration engineering systems, assembly projects, modular training systems, refrigeration plants, some particular applications (e.g. absorption refrigeration system), control in refrigeration and air conditioning systems and air conditioning systems. The Heating and Ventilation section includes numerous training panels for fundamental experiments in heating engineering. In addition, it covers the topics of heating of buildings and ventilation systems. To round off the area of supply systems, there are additional items of training equipment relating to drinking and waste water engineering in the Sanitary Systems.