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This catalogue consists of two parts, Process Control Engineering and Process Engineering.


Process Engineering is divided into five sections. The Mechanical Process Engineering section covers topics such as sedimentation, filtration and mixing processes. The Chemical Process Engineering section analyses a saponification reaction in different reactors. In addition, an ion exchanger, corrosion experiments and synthesis reactors are available. The Thermal Process Engineering section contains systems for distillation, extraction, gas absorption and drying. The Process Plants section contains equipment based on actual plants. The Water Treatment includes analysis of different methods of waste water processing.


The Process Control Engineering section deals with typical control loops for liquid level, flow rate, pressure and temperature. There are trainers that only analyse one variable and trainers that allow multiple variables to be examined. The Fundamentals of Control Engineering section provides the speed and position variables in addition to the typical loops. The equipment from the Simple Process Engineering Control Systemssection deals with the typical control loops and also a flow/liquid level cascade, pH value control and multiple variable systems. The RT 512 – RT 552 series can also be operated with process control software. The RT 450 series in this section allows individual configuration of an experimental setup with different control system modules, actuators, controllers and sensors. The Complex Process Engineering Control Systems also analyse multiple variable systems and cascade control. These systems are more complex than those in the other two sections and are based on actual systems. 

 The Components and Calibration section contains trainers for industrial controllers, networking of industrial controllers, control system tuning and field bus applications. In addition, industrial components can be tested or calibrated.