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Metrel is an international Group and an expert in the research, development and production of test and measurement equipment. Metrel brand name is worldwide recognized and associated with high quality test and measurement products.

Metrel's instruments provide test and measurement solutions in different maintenance areas including the safety testing of electrical installations and appliances, power quality analysis, localarea network analysis and the measurement of indoor environmental conditions. In short, our products help to provide information about the safety and functionality of different installations and environments. Through innovative design, electronics and software solutions we provide accurate,

Metrel's quality assurance system is based on BS EN ISO 9001. Through permanent training and education of our employees we strive to increase the efficiency and quality of all our processes. Our commitment to quality is recognized by our customers and is ensured by continuous and extensive research and development of new, accurate, reliable and safe to use products.

Metrel is producing test and measurement equipment that is covering the following fields:

  • Electrical Installations Safety Testing (IEC/EN 61557, VDE 0413, VDE 0100, BS 7671, HD 60364, CEI 64.8, AS/NZS 3017, AS/NZS3760).
  • Portable Appliances, Machines and Switchgears Safety Testing (IEC/EN 60204-1, IEC/EN 61439-1, IEC/EN 60335-1, VDE 0701-0702).
  • Measurement and Testing of Cable Networks (TIA/EIA-568-B, ISO 11801, EN 50173, EN 50346, IEC/EN 61935).
  • Testing of Power Distribution Systems and Power Quality Analysis (EN 50160).
  • Analysis of Indoor Environment Quality (DIN 5032, IEC/EN 60584-1, EN 12599, EN ISO 7726, ISO 11664).
  • Equipment for Laboratories and Schools: Metrel produces a variety of instruments for electrical testing laboratories and educational purposes. Typical application areas are: electrical workshops, testing labs, research, development and education. The main products Metrel produces include demo boards, power supply units, RL-C decades.
  • Transformers: Metrel produces two kinds of toroidal transformers: variable transformers (according to standard EN60989) and power transformers (according to standard EN 61558).