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Teaching and Learning Systems for Training in the Metalworking, Electrical and Electronics Trades

Depending on teaching / learning requirements: suitable for

  • teaching apprentice tradesmen
  • industrial training and vocational qualification and of course
  • for training technicians and engineers.

Although the GUNT training systems presented in this catalogue mainly cover fields of learning for the metalworking trades, it also provides good coverage for learning topics in electrical and electronic engineering as well as in mechatronics.

What learning content can you cover by using the GUNT training systems in this catalogue?

Learning Content – Foundation:

Comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals: an introduction to Technical Drawing and technical communication assisted by GUNT’s models and assembly kits. Cutaway Models will help you to understand machine elements, components and mechanisms. A thorough insight into testing methods, processes,Dimensional Metrology, and familiarity with Manufacturing methods are essential prerequisites for addressing complex and specialised topics. Our teaching and learning systems will help you to build these foundations in a way that is both effective and practice-oriented.

Learning Content – Specific:

Having acquired a thorough grounding in the fundamentals, you can then advance into specific fields of mechatronics. The training systems in the Assembly Projects and Maintenance groups offer totally practical applications that will allow you to design your tuition in an entirely hands-on and interdisciplinary way. OurMachinery Diagnostics group offers a range of the latest new subject areas. The Automation group focuses on process automation (refer to "Process Engineering").

The teaching and training systems contained in GUNT Catalogue Number 2 cover an extensive range of key fields providing essential learning content for training in the metalworking and electrical and electronics trades and for mechatronics engineers. Programme group content is staged, and all groups are interlinked. For example, students should be familiar with the fundamentals of Engineering Drawing and Dimensional Metrology before progressing to the Assembly Projects or Maintenance groups.